work and play they're never okay

hope you all had a lovely christmas! our family get-together was fun, and i think this one enjoyed opening all her gifts for the first time -

and i don't think she ever tired of the process -

so yesterday, we were at jo-ann and spotted a gingerbread house kit for 50% off. yes, it was a day late, but who cares?

anyways, tonight is the studio calico reveal. join us for what should be some good times, some awesome kits/add-ons, and what i'm sure will be eye candy in the gallery!


Nicole said…
i love that you and your friends got together to make that house...they look like a lot of fun!! =)
love the photos and that new kit yummy
Kristii said…
Awesome pictures!! It looks like you had a great time!! HOpe you are having a great weekend!
Denise said…
Loved seeing your photos! I believe it's never too late to make Gingerbread houses. :o)
Pound said…
lol ethan got a gingy house for xmas... but now it's too late! we're making a stale one next yr :P
scrapyoga said…
sweet pics!! love the after sales when everything is marked down!! Stockin up for next year!~!!!

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