where I had hidden myself somewhere in your charm

changed my banner to a christmas-y one :) even though christmas is in, like, 3 days.

i created this quickie photo calendar today:

(click for larger image)

it was a quick, fun, and easy project. i blogged about it on the studio calico blog!

i've also spent the last several weeks frantically trying to catch up on my playlist layouts. at the beginning of the year, i decided to create a playlist every month with songs i'd been digging at that particular time. i was scrapping them pretty diligently until my laptop died, and now i am caught up, except for december...but the month isn't over yet!

i'm also planning to add an extra christmas playlist page. i'm planning to get all these printed as a book, and will probably include a burned CD or two with all the songs from the lists. i'm hoping to do this again next year, too!

have a good one :)


*reyanna klein* said…
Some of the most beautiful layouts I have ever seen from you! You blow me away! Love them! :)
Pound said…
ooh awesome idea for the playlists!!
Kelly said…
Love the layouts. And love your calendar!!
Have a Merry Christmas xxx
LAgreene said…
I may have to steal this idea for 2009! Love it, love the layouts, as usual. You're such an inspiration when I am in a rut.
Cathy said…
Merry Christmas!! I love the idea of the monthly playlist.
Michele H. said…
Love this idea Caroline!!! I hope you don't mind me doing this too. This would be great for my girls too!! They are sooo into music right now.

Hope you had an awesome christmas!!!
Sasha said…
Girl your work always leaves me speechless, love love love it .. thanks for the inspiration

Sasha H.

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