santa can you hear me? i have been so good this year.

oooh yes. a christmas wish list.

this is mostly to direct whomever my secret santa is...but there are few very wishful items on here.

so. let's begin.

nikon d90. yes, wishful thinking, i know.

the office DVD game. i'm not even sure who i'd play with (except maybe linda...but come on. who wouldn't want to play with schrute bucks? and jim figurines?

a holga.s or really, any fun toy camera.

camera remote.

a sewing machine!

wishful thinking again. yes, the yellow one. my ipod is old. very old. mini old. and it's not even technically mine. ha.

a chunky cowl/shawl-neck sweater. kinda like this one. or this one.

a red cardigan (i believe elaine asked for this one last year, lol). i wouldn't mind a yellow one either. or turquoise.


other random things: a new, decent paper trimmer...southwest gift cards/jetblue true blue points...ticketmaster giftcards...colored stamping ink...cute dresses (perhaps for new years ever?) jewelry...mag subscriptions (real simple/domino/paste/glamour)...sunglasses

*note to my secret santa: this list is subject to change at any time ;) consult others in case of additions. ha.

only 5 days til christmas. YIKES.

have a good one :)


ooooh - Love your list for Santa!! And love the tags you made on the previous post!!
*reyanna klein* said…
You have SUCH good taste! And a yellow iPod Nano is wishful thinking??!!? Heck, Caroline, if you don't get it... send me your address. I'm friends with one of Santa's elves... ;)
Kelly said…
Awesome list!! Hope Santa brings you something from it ;o)
Cathy said…
I have the orange nano on my wishful thinking list also.
rmeyfe said…
Hope santa is good to you!!
Pound said…
dude if you get that office game i'll meet you at starbucks and we'll play. jbags just sent me a ryan howard notepad lol.
myra said…
Why Miss Caroline - I do believe I've found your blog, and now I can become your new blog stalker. :) Since we probably wear close to the same size, perhaps you can continue to just send me awesome finds like these. And I'm thinking in a few weeks we can discuss Office trivia to our heart's content. And perhaps in the future on the world's smallest blue tooth. Whaddya say?
Tina Cockburn said…
What a great list! I'd love a camera remote, too!
Helsbells said…
Great things! I've asked for a Holga or a fish eye camera - they look like fun!

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