i made a vow, to carry you home

it is currently freezing in southern california. it was also quite cold in norcal (at least at night), but for once it didn't rain AT ALL!

speaking of norcal, i encountered some gorgeous sunsets throughout the trip.

this one was from the drive up to the cabin...i saw this out of the back and i had to make the boy pull over so i could take a few photos.

this one was from the cabin...i looked out the window one evening and saw a purple-ish sky peeking through, so i ran out to the deck, and then eventually out on the lake. it was FREEZING, so i ran back inside after 2 minutes, lol.

i'd seen some amazing pictures of the golden gate bridge around sunset time, and i kinda wanted to take my own. i had some time to kill one day while the boy was at work, so i went into san francisco and trekked out to the bridge. it was a bit foggy and chilly, and the view was kind of disappointing when i got there. however, when the sun came down, this is what i saw:

have a good one :)


oooo sooo pretty!! you're making me jealous! I need to get out to san fran!
Jill said…
Gorgeous photos!
Christie Wildes said…
ohhhh beautiful pictures!! never been to norcal - but it looks fabulous.
~Sasha Farina~ said…
amazing photos C!! gorgeousness all over..
Pound said…
yaaaaa, it's freezing here too, welcome home haha.

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