the full moon dips its golden spoon

yikes, it's december! craziness.

anyways. here are my studio calico projects:

laughlin was madness, but quite fun. all 26 members of the ikeji family trekked over there, so it was quite awesome. my grandma sure enjoyed herself!

i find it kind of unbelievable that it's december...especially because it was so hot last month and i still don't feel like we ever went through fall. ha. i did start listening to the christmas music today, though. here's a sampling of what's on my playlist:

it's pretty random. you've even got some *nsync in there, lol.

a few more days and i'll be up north again...the last month sure did fly by!

have a good one :)

(ps. the frames used in the layout in my last post are digital. they can be purchased here.)


Pound said…
love the scraps. and ya, dec? what?!
Tiffany said…
Okay love a little N'Sync. LOL!!! You can't go wrong there heeee!

Great layouts. Hope you are having a fab day!
lisa dickinson said…
nothing wrong with a little *nsync :P

love the pages, too - perfection!
Davinie said…
It's too warm here too. Re: Nsync. Was always a Justin fan, but yes, I'll let you know, I watched Dancing with the Stars, I did, and now I'm a fan of Mr Lance Bass too. lol
Denise said…
Great mix of music. I have been listening to Christmas music non-stop (well...while scrapping) for the last week. I love this time of year. Your layouts as always are phenomenol (sp?)!
love the she is an artist
Jocelyn said…
beautiful pages, per usual.
nice playlist ;)
Queen of Paper said…
That is so fun that you had 26 family member come into town! I also have a crazy big family and getting together can be so much fun. P to the S... I didn't know that Jack Johnson had a christmas song :) I heart him so much!
Oh, CUTE scrappy stuff too!

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