do adults just learn to play the most ridiculous, repulsive games

it still feels like summer outside, but i've been holed up inside and knitting. i'd been meaning to knit a scarf this year, but never got motivated...but i was inspired by a post of elise from a couple of days ago. unfortunately, i didn't buy enough yarn, and discovered they were sold out of this particular color (it IS a pretty cool color) i started on a new scarf until i could get more yarn. :)

i receoved an order of freshly printed photos today, so i should probably switch gears and start scrapbooking...especially because my december studio calico kit is staring at me, begging to be used.

i've also got a couple of ideas for new, christmas-y stuff for my etsy shop, so i should probably jump on those too.

love it when i have a bunch of ideas and projects in my little mind.

oh, and one more thing....
crowdSPRING, hire kelly purkey for your new community marketing manager!


Pound said…
aaaaaaaaaaand you forgot make FOS!!!!
that is a nice color yarn...that will make a yummy scarf! can't wait to see what you make with december's kit!
Lauren said…
Good luck with your knitting..I tried to learn one, and never really got the knack of it..I am much more of a paper person..Can't wait to see what you do with the Dec. SC kit!
cool fresh photos .. where do you get your photos printed?
Anonymous said…
knitting! you make me want to pull out all of my stuff and start to knit now in this cold cold cold weather.


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