come on and leave the fears that you were afraid to find

i've been home for a bit now but have apparently decided to neglect the good old blog. oops.


norcal was cold and rainy most of the time i was there. i think i was able to make the most of it, though.

we drove out to napa/sonoma, because i was convinced that it would be super gorgeous in the middle of fall. unfortunately, it rained and this is what it looked like:

oh well. it was still nice. we plan to return for a weekend when in the spring.

spent halloween party-hopping. we were originally going to go as austin powers and one of his sidekicks, but we changed our minds...

we were a hockey mom (my shirt is supposed to say "mavericks" on it, by the way) and joe six pack (although the boy got asked if he was joe the plumber about 10 times that night). the boy's mother came up with that, and we both thought it was brilliant and went with that :)

headed up to the cabin for a few days, and headed out to big trees when the weather decided to stop raining. the name is quite fitting...

seriously. as we continued along the trail, the trees kept getting bigger and bigger.

there was this one ridiculously huge tree stump, and i had to take the opportunity to jump on it!

the boy, although he enjoyed the trees, wasn't as enthusiastic about the photo-taking, i think. especially because i kept making him take pictures of me hugging every single tree i came across. heee :)

but, the best part of the trip was probably the moment i touched down at LAX. shocker, right? as our flight touched down and they made the announcement that we were allowed to turn our cell phones back on, my phone went off. it was the boy informing that barack obama had just been declared the next president. it was a lovely moment. i had to resist the urge to let out a scream of joy as we were taxing to the gate ;)


have a good one :)


Anonymous said…
oooh i can totally see a scrapbook page with that cell phone awesome!
Pound said…
ya that was a good moment. your costume looked comfy :P
Lauren said…
Those trees are so gorgeous out there..Just amazing!
Jill said…
LOVE the costumes, and as for the news about the next pres, I don't know how you contained yourself! The muscles in my jaw still ache from smiling.
love the grand scale of it all
NancyJones said…
woah dude those trees are huge kinda gives you that alice in wonderland feeling doesnt it?
just beautiful!
sarah said…
yea def head up to norcal in the spring. it's beautiful weather.

sorry you came on the weekend when we got tons of rain :(

~Sasha Farina~ said…
my... those trees are HUGE!!!
Cecilie said…
OMG... seriously!! Those are the biggest trees I have ever seen!! :O :O :O

Love your blog!!

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