and he's the one who likes all our pretty songs

this is making me quite happy:

who knew the dodgers would actually *gasp* win not one but TWO playoff games this year? this team has been quite fun to watch :)

go dodgers! :)

gotta love october - yay baseball playoff season!

anyhow. i did my first official layout for the KI blog...

it uses the new sheer delights, which are awesome :) looooove them. i cut mine up into accents!

been dealing with crazy weather here in so-cal the last week. it was 100+ degrees earlier this week...someone explain to me how it's october and 100 degrees?! is something not wrong with that picture? after crazy hot's supposed to rain tomorrow.

off to vegas this weekend with the boy :) personally, i'm over vegas, but he's never been so this should be fun! and of course... it's also supposed to rain in vegas tomorrow. greeeeeeeat.

have a good one! :)


Dugout Daisy said…
Are you going to the Dodger game on Saturday???
I'll be there, I'm so excited!
I am in disbelief that they are doing so well... let's hope they keep it up!
Kelly said…
I hope you have a great time away in Vegas with your boy!!
Pretty layout ;o)
Lauren said…
great job with that KI layout! Those sheer delights look like they are a lot of fun to play with!
Denise said…
I hope you win big in Vegas (and it doesn't rain). Excellent layout. I love how you cut up the sheers and made accents. Very cool.
lisa dickinson said…
ah, sending you lots of luck for big! or at least ride the coaster at NY, NY! :)
Anonymous said…
I like what you did with the sheers! Whatever you do, don't go on that free fall drop ride on top of the Stratoshere!
Pound said…
dodgers... i'm shocked. good thing the nlw sucked in general this season :P

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