oh at night when I sleep all the dreams come to me

i spent the weekend scrapping furiously with the october studio calico kit, and i finally have sneaks to share with y'all!

it's a fabulous kit, so be there on reveal night this saturday! :) if you're a current subscriber, just a reminder about the new billing system and make sure that you've entered your credit card information so you don't miss out :) also, if you order an add-on this month, april and scarlet have a little free goodie for you this month:

i did this LO for the ideabooks4u blog:

the challenge is based on the starting points book, and we were supposed to use some memorabilia from every day life (receipts, to-do lists, calendar page, etc) on our LOs...i thought of all the target receipts in my wallet and there you go :)

thanks for all the congrats on my last post...i'm still on cloud nine. it hasn't kicked in yet. my box is supposed to arrive this week...i'm sure it'll kick in when i'm trying to figure out how to store the stuff. lol :)

have a good one :)


i love that target layout! and your sc sneaks are too cute! :)

congrats again for your new gig!
~Sasha Farina~ said…
awesome sneaks! and that target layout... LOL :D I should do one up, with the junk in my purse :D
Lauren said…
I so love your sneaks and that taget layout is so funny. I am right there with you, girl!
Erin said…
love those sneaks!
*reyanna* said…
Hey, I call it Tarjay too!! Must be a SoCal thing! ;) Though... I live in Austin now, but I *still* call it Tarjay. :D Love that LO!
Pound said…
you mean your warehouse of scrap supplies? :P

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