whispers "hello i've missed you quite terribly"

just for fun and thanks to a sudden jolt of crativity, i decided to open an etsy shop! i've only got a few things in there, but i am working on more (to be added ASAP) and have a ton of ideas swirling around inside my head. as of now, i have some photo prints and three sets of paper-pieced silhouette tags, each with 5 tags with floral and foliage designs hand cut from cardstock.

here's a layout i did with one of the tags from the yellow set:

yeah, kinda simple for me, huh? lol.

i'm working on some stuff using notebook paper, old book pages, and magic mesh. hopefully, those will be in the shop by this weekend!

the weather has been super gross (humid) here, which is making me quite cranky. took a trip to pinkberry today, which helped with the coping. maybe this weather will help me shed the 5 pounds i gained last week? unfortunately, i am also having a huge craving for cupcakes (even though i had a few from love at first bite last week).

have a good one :)


Kristii said…
oooh, cupcakes sound so good!! Look what you started girl!! lol!
I love your Etsy goodies and your layout is awesome!! Have a great weekend!
It's Me SW said…
Mmm cupcakes. I had one last night it was great!
Denise said…
Cupcakes and Etsy in one posting. That is about as close to heaven as one can get! I adore those tags and am now heading to check out your Etsy page.
Christy said…
Mmmm... don't EVEN get me thinking about cupcakes, you evil girl. ;) I'm totally loving your tags... they're BEAUTIFL!!! Good luck with your etsy shop! ;)
Close To Home said…
love the Etsy goods. REALLY REALLY awesome!
Kelly said…
I love your etsy shop and I can't wait to see what else you put in there.
Gorgeous layout!!
Have a great weekend.

Kel xxx
Pound said…
cute tags!!! make those cupcakes already! use that diet 7 up HAHA.
Jocelyn said…
umm hello you are brilliant. those tags are adorable. and i love your page/lyrics.
Tina said…
I love the tags! Way to go!
I LOVE those tags...so adorable! Off to check out your Etsy!


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