scattered winds blow me cross the ocean,

we all know i'm a cupcake whore. i'm also trying to work off these 5lbs from vacation/NOT gain any more.

so i tried this experiment. linda linked me to this - 2 point cupcakes, in which a can of diet soda is substituted for eggs and oil. she told me to try it because she needed a guinea pig. since i had a can of diet 7 up that i refused to drink (that stuff is quite gross), so i figured why not.

the verdict? the texture is indeed lighter, and stickier. you can taste a hint of the 7 up. they also seem to be really fragile. also, you should fill the cups more than regular cupcakes because they doesn't inflate as well. it's definitely not the same as normal cupcakes, but they will suffice for now.

mission accomplished - cupcake craving taken satisfied.

in other news, this was awesome:

woooooot. check out my boyfriend michael phelps in there, too ;)

added these babies to my etsy shop the other day:

the top ones are flowers made out of layered vintage book pages. the edges are distressed, and each layer is held together with a foam dot for added dimension. the bottom ones are layered circles made of corrugated cardboard, crumpled notebook paper, and distressed vintage book pages - lots of texture in one single embellishment. fun stuff :)

i've also been working on some other stuff, which i'll start loading throught out the week!

have a good one :)


7up cupcakes?! That's one I'll have to try! Loving all your Etsy goodness!

~Sasha Farina~ said…
i will have to try that!!
lisa dickinson said…
ok, sticky sounds good! but i especially love the butterflies! :)
Tiffany said…
Wooo Hoo!!! Love them cupcakes. OH and Michael Phelps is hot too! Yummy!
Lynn said…
love those flowers! so cool.
Jenn said…
It's really good with lemon cake mix! Love your new etsy creations!
Christy said…
Those cuppiecakes are darling... I just may have to try the d. soda thing. Lovin' all your Etsy goodies! ;)
Rita said…
Cute cupcakes! Love your vintage flowers - very cool!
Pound said…
dammit your cupcakes are all flat lol. i'll still try it. love how you put the ac butterflies on them HA!
ahh this has potential.

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Christie Wildes said…
might have to try those cupcakes! and so glad that you are back - i have missed your blog updates!

StillTrying said…
So cool someone else made these cupcakes! I think I'm going to try chocolate and diet coke next...

Cool LOs!

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