don't you wake up yet

i'm finally home! although a small part of me is kind of glad to be back, another part of me really wishes i wasn't. i had the most lovely trip, and it was as close to perfect as i could've asked for. you know it's a great trip when you come home with a nice tan and 10 extra lbs.

the boy and i headed up into the boonies (aka the lake) where, for 5 days, i got to wake up to this:

it doesn't get any better than that. oh wait, it does. i had myself a "personal chef" for the duration of the trip...somehow, i got super lucky and found myself a boyfriend who can really cook. everything he made was delicious. we also decided to have dinner outdoors on the deck every night, and that was among our better ideas. we spent an hour or two every day floating around in the water on inflatable rafts (hence, the tan), just chilling and taking in the sun, the trees, and the clean air (my sinuses, which are more anti so-cal than i am, really appreciated it). we hung out, played countless games of scrabble and monopoly, and watched a bunch of movies. we made pina coladas, whipped up strawberry shortcakes, and consumed an insane amount of s'mores (almost to the point of me being sick of them. but that will never happen. lol). it was the simple life and it was pure perfection.

i failed miserably at documenting the trip and took a grand total of 5 pictures (and did not take a single one of the two of us)...but it was kind of nice to forget about the camera.

i also enjoyed the couple of days i had in the bay area, and was in the mood for a photoshoot on the cal campus...poor, poor elaine had no choice but to oblige:

i was NOT happy coming back to super-humid weather. ick.

i'm still playing catch-up, so if i owe you an e-mail, etc. you'll hear from me ASAP.

have a good one :)


Ally said…
Oooh - HEAVENLY! Water was probably the only thing missing from our perfect camping trip last weekend! And FIVE photos? tsk tsk. You at least needed SIX - just ONE of you and the boy in the woods. sigh. I will forgive you - this time... :)
Tiffany said…
I love the river. Lovely. And I have done that before...only taking five photos of vacation when you should be taking a gazillion. *sigh* I am horrible at documenting vacations. LOL!
Christy said…
Hi girlie! So happy to hear you're having a fun summer. Great pics... you are so cute! I love your dress! ;)
It's Me SW said…
Sounds like you had fun!!!! I did the same thing with my camera on my Napa Trip :(. I was upset now that I think about it a few weeks later. Oh well I had fun at the time.
Denise said… there such a thing as too many? I think not.

I am glad you had a fabulous time away. What a gorgeous view to wake up to each day!
april said…
so glad you had a good time and sounds like the perfect weekend
Rita said…
Gorgeous photos! I think it's good to forget the camera every now and then and just enjoy the moment.
Maria said…
love the photos!!
SnazzyJazzie said…
hi carol, i have been following your blog. great work. i must ask though, where is this heavenly place that you spent the vacation? it is excatly the type of places i have been wanting to go but could not find. you mentioned bay area. is it san francisco?
gorgeous pics! and the sneaks..well i just now saw them! awesome!
I feel relaxed just looking at those amazing photos!
Pound said…
yay for being back in 90 degree humidity! :P

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