i sighed a song that silence brings

i hope everyone had a fabulous fourth of july weekend! mine was fun :)

a couple of us attended a bbq at amy's friday night...had some delicious korean bbq ribs and set off some fireworks.

i wanted to experiment with cool sparkler pictures, but our pack of fireworks didn't come with any...oh well.

on saturday, we headed over to the beach for a big outing/reunion. got to hang out with a couple of people i hadn't seen in quite a while. always good to catch up and to see everyone doing well. waded in the (dirty) water for a little bit, sunbathed, hung out, ate....good times.

just the girls:

i wish i took more photos, but we left before the great lighting started...and i was lazy. :X i'm sure linda will post a bunch of pics on her blog, since she took waaaay more than me!

afterwards, we ate dinner at the macaroni grill (so good), checked out a new fro-yo place, and played some rockband. i totally rocked at singing wonderwall and maps (i was "flawless," apparently)...lol. good times :)

have a good one :)
afterwards we went for some dinner,


Kristii said…
Awesome photos!! Looks like you had a great 4th!!
Christy said…
Mmmm... love me some Macaroni Grill! Now you've got me wanting to go, lol! Great photos, C. Especially the fireworks... I can't ever seem to take good photos at night. You're good you. ;)
AnnaMarie said…
Sounds like a great 4th and fantastic pics!!
Lisa Dickinson said…
oh yeah, it's hard to beat macaroni's. looks like a totally fun weekend!
webmul said…
i was super excited to know that i got more than 35 hits on my blog two days in a row but then i noticed that half of those hits came from your website.


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