don't i hold you like you want to be held

hello...i've been a stranger.

my laptop has completely stopped charging thanks to a broken DC jack. so i've been laptop-less for about 10 days. hopefully, i'll be back up and running soon. my desktop has been driving me crazy because the color seems to be off and i can't do much photo editing (not that i've been shooting much anyway) or digi scrapping on here. plus, it's slower than i remembered.

here's a sneak peek of the august studio calico kit:

it's been somewhat uneventful around here...and someone needs to force me to use my camera. i re-watched elizabethtown and realized that i really love the soundtrack. the baseball all-star game last night was insane. in 10 days, i'll be back up in norcal and see the boy again. can't wait...i am so starting to count down :) hopefully, the weather will be good to me! unfortunately, i opted to not go to CHA summer this year, but i can't wait to see all the new releases that'll pop up!

have a good one :)


Alison said…
The soundtrack is SO good!
Cool peaks.
Christy said…
I have that movie in my queue... I really can't wait to watch it now!!!
must be the longest freaking time away from him, huh?

the sneaks look delish. love me some butterflies.
~Sasha Farina~ said…
love the peaks!! can't wait for the reveal!
noell said…
"Laptop-less"--I love it!

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