i had a dream that i could fly from the highest swing

it's that time again...studio calico sneak peeks:

i'm sure you keep hearing this over and over again from the rest of the DT girls, but this kit is super gorgeous and awesome and you're gonna love it. because i sure do. lots of goodness.

anyways. i realize i haven't blogged in over a week...100+ degree weather = not in the mood for much blogging or scrapping. or much of anything else, for that matter. although, i was craving cupcakes so badly that i decided to go ahead and bake them the other night (at 10:30 p.m. yes, i'm ridiculous). bribed judy with them so she could come over and take a dip in the pool with me. went down to irvine for nora's graduation. still thinking a lot, and trying not to freak out. watching lots of sex and the city. bought some cute summer tops for super cheap. have another norcal trip in the works...it's not for over a month, but i'm totally excited. it will involve a couple of days at the lake (and plenty of food, of course)! my cousin and his wife had a baby girl earlier this week. aww. can't believe it's the end of the month already, and that half the year is over.

that's what i've been up to.

have a good one :)


Pretty sneaks! It's been too hot over in Georgia as well.
Kristii Lockart said…
I love your sneaks!! Can't wait to see it all!!! Hope the weather cools down!! Have a great weekend!
i totally understand about the cupcakes
Pound said…
don't forget looking up the temp every hour w/ me... are we obsessing or what?! but it's so $*%!$ hot!!
karen akaliz said…
i do that with the cupcakes, but half way through the baking i think, what the heck am i doing?

sneaks are gorgeous!!!
april said…
love the sneaks girl! you take the most awesome photos!
Rhonda said…
After watching a few episodes of Sex in the City a year or so back I decided to get season one and watch it. Done with that and half way through season 2. I figure by the time I am done with all the seasons the movie will be out on dvd and I'll buy it. I kind know what happens but don't want to see it. There was a coupon in season two for a free pass but nope...not gonna see it till I watch all seaons! lol

Love that kit. I need to subscribe to it.
Christy said…
Dude, you're not kidding about the weather... omg, it's been so freakin' HOT!!!

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