by the rosebush laughing

more studio calico peeks:

did i tell you i loved this kit?

anyway...reveal night friday. i can't wait to see that gallery!

so last weekend was insanely hot and i slept on the couch for 2 nights (it was like an oven in my room). i'm also realizing that i've taken maybe 30 photos total this whole month. must do something about that. linh had a BBQ over the weekend - that was fun. yummy, yummy food (korean BBQ ribs!). the dodgers are totally frustrating me at the moment. ugh. discovering some new tunes...always fun. cleaning out a bunch of old pile was starting to get ridiculous. eating ben&jerry's...cinnamon bun...out of the carton. so bad, but SO delicious.

can't believe it'll be july next week. yikes.

have a good one :)


Mel said…
gosh!! I think i will love this kit too! Your peaks are totally awesome!
Davinie said…
Something tells me you've been a bit too busy canoodling to take many photos.....
Love the sneaks, sweets!
Tina said…
oohh...I love how you stamped on the white frame!
Lisa Dickinson said…
ah the stamps are looking soooo good! can't wait for friday!
RiNNE said…
ooh?? today's the sneak peek?? must go there now! wonderful job as always!!

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