you try to tell me that i'm clever

one. i got a haircut:

i didn't cut much off, nor did i change the style much, but it feels soooooo much lighter now. yay.

two. it's ridiculously hot. argh.

three. another sneak peek for studio calico:

i'm quite proud of myself for managing to figure out how to use those fruit beads. lol.

four. a few months ago, sharon from prima asked me if i wanted to be a guest designer for them. my stuff went up on thursday. here's one of the LOs i did:

(yes, i stuck an extra e in the title. ooooops.)

you can see more on their blog.

five. the office season finale. oooooooooomg.

have a good one :)


Emily Pitts said…
woo hoo! love getting my hair cut. it's such a happy thing!
Nicole said…
girl, you are killing me.

Davinie said…
You are clever! Congrats on prima and super cool peeks, girl!
Leah said…
very pretty prima layout. Looking forward to the SC reveal!
april said…
i'm with you on the office finale. i never laughed so hard in my hilarious!!!! love your sneaks too!
Aida Haron said…
The hair looks great ! I LOVE your work, LOVE Studio Calico and LOVE Prima. Of all the US kits, Studio Calico has got to have the best DTers ever.

Pound said…
cute hair. :P
and fruit beads. lol you are so proud.
Chriselda said…
but that won't take me anyhow, or anywhere with you.

i miss you scrappy
Christy said…
CUTE haircut girlie... and I SO love that lo! You... you're good, you. ;)
Ally said…
I sooo thought I already commented! Love the little sneaky peek of the SC kit - those tutti fruity things look so fun dangling there!

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