take me deep out past the lights

i'm blogging from the bay area :) everything has been perfect! and as usual, i've eaten waaaaay too much for my own good (and will probably continue gorging myself throughout the rest of my stay).

anyways. i finally have working internet and a moment to breathe, so i wanted to share my studio calico projects with you. this month's kit was perfectly juicy and fun!

having an early birthday celebration tonight...should be good tines :)

have a good one :)


Courtney said…
Awesome layouts!
Leah said…
fantastic layouts. i especially love the first one. can't wait to get my kit!
Trude said…
TYFS those awesome pages! And a very happy early birthday!!
liesbeth said…
I can soooo relate to your first layout about San Francisco! And we're from overseas... go figure! One day... we hope to move there too.
Love your other layouts as well!
Aimee said…
loving your new layouts. :)
Ann-Marie said…
Hi there!
I'm not sure how I happened upon your blog but here I am and I love it! You have a great style that I find so adorable :)
Pound said…
ohhh the hanging fruit!!!! lol.
love those pages!
also- post pics of your boyyyyyyfriend. :P

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