soon everybody will ask what became of you

a couple of digi LOs to share:

(this is one of those LOs i did for no reason....just 'cuz.)

(this new kit by mindy terasawa has to be one of the most adorable things ever.)

the weather in so-cal has been completely insane...we went from 100 degree temperatures to rain and thunder in a matter of days. can't the weather make up its mind? geez. there's also been some other things which have also made me go "you have GOT to be kidding me."

currently cracking up to the british version of the office , and this little gem:

yes, that is actual japanese. lol.

i also can't stop listening to the new death cab album.

really looking forward to this weekend, which will involve a wedding, a memorial day BBQ, and a possible photoshoot. a bunch of people are also coming back to LA for the weekend so i expect to have some hangout time with them too! i am also way excited for next weekend, when i will start celebrating my birthday (yikes, am i really turning 23 in less than 2 weeks?!). should be some good times :)

have a good one :)

(p.s. i'm also looking for Sonya T, who won the free studio calico newsstand kit. are you out there (or does anyone know her)? it's been a while since i posted the winner, and i still haven't heard from her. please e-mail me or by the end of the weekend, or i am going to have to draw a new winner. thanks!)


webmul said…
photoshoot!!! new profile pictures, pronto.

"do your duty!"

ok, sexy time. will pick you up in a bit.
Pound said…
as always, your digis are so purty.

and where were you today? it's always so strange not seeing you on gchat. kinda like the sun not coming up... :P
Pound said…
p.s. that snl office.




Trude said…
Yeah, our weather is now officially schizo. We actually had to postpone our family photo shoot with Tara Whitney, can you believe it?? Now I have to wait 2 more weeks, darnit.

And those new layouts are too cute! :)
Queen of Paper said…
I love that jumping lo!!! so cool!
Jocelyn said…
gorgeous layouts girl. and thanks for sharing the snl office. we need something to get us through the summer!
Jill said…
Thanks for sharing that hilarious clip! I would have totally missed it otherwise. Ooh, and I must add -- I just checked out the SC gallery, and your pages are INCREDIBLE, Caroline. Just that awesome.

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