it's never too late to change lanes

i had quite a blast this weekend!

we celebrated elaine's birthday, and helped her ring in 23 with style:

hung out with these two (among others):

good times. i also ate entirely waaaaaaaaaaaay too much. it involved indian food, thai, crepes and huevos rancheros, waffles, hot dogs, all-you-can-eat sushi, chicago style pizza, pan asian fusion, and a ginormous ice cream sundae. yep.

i'm sad i had to miss all the fun national scrapbook day festivities. boo. but i tried to get my scrap on a little bit before i left:

in other news, i turn 23 in less than a month. wha? how did that happen? i am quite excited about my birthday plans, though!

have a good one :)


Celeste said…
you are cute and so are these layouts and i wish i could eat that much sigh.
Christy said…
I am so jealous of all your scrappies... I haven't scrapped in oh... FOREVER. Lol! These are fabulous my friend... you never fail to inspire. ;)
Ally said…
As always, your layouts totally inspire me!
*nichole* said…
caroline-i just love your work & your beautiful photography!
Lisa Dickinson said…
love eating vicariously through you :) and of course i love those pages. Yum on both accounts.
dawn said…
Love those LO's!! Wish I was 23 again!! LOL!! :-)
Nicole said…
23??!! you??!! say it ain't so my friend, lol!!
Pound said…
ya, "birthday plans." i know. i KNOW.
Thanks for the constant stream of inspiration.

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