i'm coming up only to show you wrong

today (or i suppose it is now yesterday):

- my day started off with a 7 a.m. wake-up call (waaaay too early considering i was up til about 2:30 trying to finish "there will be blood." which is a really good movie, by the way. dark but good). we were making our way to the nordstrom spring cosmetic trend show...which started bright and early at 8:30. it was quite fun...it started with a runway show with introductions to a bunch of new product and ended with an oxygen peel from philosophy. along the way, there was lots of makeup and product testing, and a discount! i am also now in love with this gloss (it's sheer with the perfect hint of juicy red. plus it's NOT sticky at all. it's also not tooooo expensive) and this liner (in smoke grey...i love the charcoal brown shade...plus it's waterproof and glides on smooth. it also doesn't crease under my annoying asian eyes).

- went to grandma's and took more pictures...i feel like every time i manage to make my way to my grandma's house, i find something new there to photograph. the sunflowers were starting to bloom today! among other things...amaryllis and cactus flowers.

- went out for boba...and managed to take over 50 pictures...wha? i also laughed sooooo much. i love my crazy peeps. we're awesome. hah.

good day :)

now i must get to bed since i am now severely sleep deprived.

have a good one :)


Denise said…
Caroline, your photos of the flowers are stunning! I cannot wait for things to start blooming here.

The trend show sounds like it was a blast and then getting a peel...perfect!
stephanie said…
lovely photos...of course.
and girl- i used to be a makeup whore before i had babies. i mean, seriously...i was at sephora once a week.
Nicole said…
i love living vicariously through you my friend...i am officially adopting you as a long-distance little sis.

ali mclaughlin said…
Love those flower shots!
Trude said…
Gotta love makeup! I just got a Sephora order this weekend...goooood times. I'm officially in love with Tarte push-up cheek stain. :)
Christy said…
Hey, C! The trend show sounds like a blast!
Your flower photos are GORGEOUS!!! May I ask what kind of lens you use?
Anonymous said…
I just love you photos, makes me want to find something interesting to photograph.
Sharon said…
Caroline, great photos (as usual)! Just like Denise I'm so anxious to see flowers around here too!
3crazykids said…
Caroline, this is the first time on your blog and I have to say that YOU REALLY ROCK. Your photos are beyond awesome.

CONGRATS to Stephanie Howell, who makes a perfect addition to the team at SC. Yay!!!
Anonymous said…
Wow, I love your flower photographs... your grandmother rocks the garden and you rock the camera :-)
A big congrats to Stephanie Howell, the newest studio calico design team member. Love her stuff glad she is part of the team :-)
Anonymous said…
Love your pics! What a fab photog you are!!!!!

Welcome to Stephanie!!!!!

Megan A. said…
beautiful photos! and congrats to Stephanie!
Debby said…
What awesome photos!!! I love all the flowers and the angle you took them.
2H Design said…
BEAUTY captured... wow! LOVE the photos!!!

Congrats to Stephie at SC!!!! :)
Pound said…
purty pics. and i wanna try that lipgloss now. :P

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