you know the way to keep me on my toes

hm...i realize that i've been a stanger on this blog lately. whooops. i just feel like i don't have anything interesting to say or post about lately. or when i do, i just forget to post about it or get really lazy.

sharing my studio calico goods for this month. i loved this kit so much - i just wish i had more time to play with it! perfect, fun mix of colors and textures and patterns.

happenings since my last post: a road trip, chicago style pizza, mojitos, time spent with certain special people, dim sum x3, the beach, a botanical garden, a burrito that was literally the size of my calf, pool, a "zen master," enchanted, ramen, apples to apples, boba, happy hour and ordering all the appetizers on the menu, the best ribs/bbq/mashed potatoes/biscuits ever, 30 rock, curb your enthusiasm, chili cheese fries, and lots of phone calls.

oh and an exciting happening in my world - the start of baseball season! i love the fresh feeling of the start of the season - it seems like anything is possible for my beloved dodgers. of course, this usually ends up turning into angst and frustration as the season progresses....but for now...let's just pretend that everything is going to be juuuuuust perfect for the dodgers, shall we?

ah, i've missed baseball.

have a good one :)


ali mclaughlin said…
Love them Caroline!
kokopuffs said…
how can you have just learned about Lucille's?? Linda and I have eaten there TONS of times between the two of us.

it is good, isn't it?
Felicia said…
I had Lucille's for the first time last month and I am in LOVE!
Great LO's.
Christy said…
Eeeeeeeeekkk... those pages!!! They are FABULOUS!!! You blow my away, my friend!

It's so great to pop on over here and see you posting again. Missed you!
Anonymous said…
Pound said…
love the l/o. and i know that link goes to lucille's, even though i didn't click on it. i just KNOW.

heh we are ragging on the padres' fug uniforms. maybe that chump joe torre will take the dodgers all the way this season. it's early.
it's usually after the all star break that i start getting depressed haha.
Manon said…
I love your new lay-outs!
Queen of Paper said…
I love the warmth in all the colors you used. so pretty!
moonlightgrrl said…
imagine all the angst and frustration if you were a Giants fan?!!!


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