to an artificial tune, i see you swoon.

a summary of the last week or so:

- i keep thinking it's the day after whatever day it actually is. so i keep thinking today is wednesday (well, technically it is wednesday, so now i think it's thursday).

- this is the only photo i've taken in the last two weeks:

methinks i need to use the camera more.

- been listening to this song over and over lately:

- came down with a cold. i still have a sore throat. grr.

- 2 days until spring break. one week until i'm back up north. i so can't wait!

- purged 700 sheets of paper tonight. yikes.

- i'm a bit boring lately. i apologize.

- been discovering lots of good tunes on pandora. itunes is getting lots of my money right now. sigh.

- was sad the bruins lost in the final four. sadness.

- i realized that i haven't read anything outside of class for a really long time now, and i want to. any suggestions for books i should read? (besides jodi piccoult and eat, pray, love since a lot of people seem to be recommending those)

have a good one :)


Anonymous said…
See Please Here
Leah said…
three books i've read recently and loved: free food for millionaires (by min jin lee), the other boleyn girl (by philippa gregory), extremely loud and incredibly close (jonathan safran foer)

happy reading!
Chriselda said…
oh i love that song!
i put it on my myspace a few days ago.
good tune.
i also recomm Josh Ritter "Here at the Right time"
those are the two faves this week

have you seen ingrid sing :fools rush in: ??
i cried. she's great live
and bummerface! i didn't get in to lifehouse.
well, i went to eat dinner.
missed Matt.
so skipped the whole show
now i'm pissy that i left after Ingrid when she and Matt came to House of Blues in Dallas.
anyway, i am back from Vegas. so that officially means it's your turn to go there next!

Chriselda said…
John Mayer
Colbie Caillat

tour this summer!
Trude said…
The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. It'll change your life! :) And it's even more awesome for all the punk rock references.

Jamba is the best!! I always get the White Gummi Bear - it's not on the menu, ssshh, secret employee recipe I found through a friend. And it really does taste like one! :D
Trude said…
Yup, I was born there! :) The fam moved to San Diego for a short while when I was five, then we settled in the OC. So I'm technically an immigrant, even though my mom is American! ;-) We go back every other summer or so - can't wait to go in June!!

Gonna have to try Pink Star, that sounds sooo good!
Pound said…
i'm going to be a total nerd and recommend microserfs. all the techie talk is outdated, but it's one of THE funniest books i've ever read in my life. and i've read a lot of books.
Michelle said…
700 sheets??!!!


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