this night's a perfect shade of dark blue

i was at my grandma's house today. so i took that as an opportunity to finally play with my poor, neglected camera:

unfortunately for the dog, that also meant she had to model:

in other news:
- it was over 90 degrees here today. what the...
- the office was brilliant. it was all in the nonverbal acting. soooo good. soooo painful. i loved it. and i still want a jim.
- i'm watching dawson's creek. ah, nostalgia. don't judge.
- i'm still soliciting book suggestions!
- i've been feeling super uncreative the whole week and it's driving me insane. especially because my may studio calico kit dropped yesterday and it's quite fabulous. speaking of studio calico, tomorrow (sunday) is sneak peek night. be sure to join in on the boards for some pre-sneak craziness. there will also be some RAKs up for grabs, and you know they're going to be fabulous because they're from april&scarlet. :)
- i can't stop eating cinnamon pull-apart loaf. it's addicting and evil.
- four more days and i'll be back up in norcal. so so soooo excited. especially because the weather will be 10 degrees cooler than it is here. among other reasons ;)
- the dodgers finally won. FINALLY.

have a good one :)


Barb said…
90 degrees? As in 9-0?!!?
It was snowing here yesterday!

(Just sent myself your current favorite recipe. Looks delish!)
Lyn said…
your photos are so amazing! the office was hi-larious! i agree, how funny were michael and jan (and oh, how sad too!)
moonlightgrrl said…
it was a sweet 83 degrees here yesterday... but 90? don't think i could take that so soon after the weather we've been having. that's like all-out summer.

those photos are beautiful. your grandma's garden must be something! and the dog's cute too.

glad you've picked up your camera again!

and since you brought it up, i just have to say... booooo dodgers!

ricanlaw said…
Gorgeous, goregous photographs!
Kristii Lockart said…
Wow! Totally beautiful pictures!!
ali mclaughlin said…
Beautiful flower photos C! Love them!
Lisa Dickinson said…
gorgeous photos! and sorry but you can't complain about 90 degrees. not when it's 20 degrees here. :)
Trude said…
I just finished reading "Water For Elephants" - it was SO good! Highly recommend it, especially if you like historical fiction.

I cannot believe how hot it was in SoCal this weekend - damn global warming!

Lovin' those photos - such gorgeous orchids!!
Pound said…
i watched office again. babe.

nice pics. poor dog haha.
Rita Weiss said…
huh? 90 degrees? what is that? haha! have a great time in ncal. wish our trips overlapped. maybe next time! can't wait for ours next week! your pics are so droolworthy. btw~ how'd you get so good with quick?!!! hugs, me

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