hold me down, sweet and low, little girl

it's ridiculously hot here. it's also been humid, and it's driving me insane. ugh. i mean, we're still at least a month away from summer, right? sheesh.

so anyway. the studio calico reveal was last night, and it was crazy times (which resulted in some technical difficulties). can i just say again that the whole design team is friggin amazing? i recommend that you RUN to the gallery....now!!! there is so much eye candy in there, it's unbelievable!

here are my creations for the month:

(i had to steal pics from linda for that last LO. i was really determined to use this robo stuff, hehe)

my cousin's baby shower was yesterday, and one of the games was to sculpt babies out of bubble gum:

my creation (the top left one) was the winner. lol.

the happy parents-to-be:

have a good one :)


Tina said…
too funny! I haven't played that game at a shower yet!
Tiffany said…
yummy yummy! I love your layouts. And how fun...a baby shower!
april said…
what a cute, fun baby shower game
Christy said…
Dude. You are not kidding about our weather lately. What is up? That baby shower game looks hilarious... and I LOVE your lo's! Fabulous as always, C!!!
ali mclaughlin said…
Love all your layouts!
Celeste said…
those bubblegum babies are so gross!

great job on the kit!
RitaWeiss said…
Your pages are so great Caroline! love them and fun bbshower games :) TFS!!
Pound said…
love the l/o, and that baby made of all balls??!!! LOL
Maria said…
love the shower game - hilarious!!!! seriously love your layouts!!!

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