will you say when i'm gone away

yeah, i realize that i haven't blogged in a while...it's a mixture of business, laziness, and not much of interest to report.

anyways, i figured i'd check in with a sneak peek of the april studio calico kit...which is obviously fabulous as usual. but this one is really fun, and i'm enjoying working with it.

anyways. i am quite excited for this weekend - a chance to see certain people i've been missing. yay.

have a good one :)


ali mclaughlin said…
Ooh fun peeks!
casey boyd said…
Definitely need more you are really teasing this month!!:)
Lisa Dickinson said…
love the sneaky peaky. looks fab!
Davinie said…
I've been wondering what happened with you! I hope you've been busy having fun and all that!
Love your peeks! Love what you did with the epoxies in the second peek.
Christy said…
Hey C! I too have been away... A LOT longer than you I'm afraid. But I'm back. So glad to hear you're doing well. Take care and have a great week! xoxo, Christy
Pound said…
mm hmm. :P

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