wait, they don't love you like i love you

the weekend:
lemon cream pie, h&m, pinkberry, trying to redeem a southwest award, taco truck, rockband, maps, and scrapping a-plenty.

i have barely been able to put my studio calico kit down since it arrived the other day. here are a few more peeks:

(click for a bigger view)

three more days and i'll be up north again. yes, i'm aware that i was *just* there. cross your fingers for me that it won't rain (and that my flight doesn't get delayed).

have a good one :)


Sharie said…
Thanks for the sneak peeks!
Nicole said…
you're killing me over here, you know.

these look great =)
Vee said…
yummy!`~~~ :)
Greta said…
great peeks! can't wait to see the whole thing!
Pound said…
hm so if it rains alllll wknd, you might just have to stay inside and cuddle. with he who shall not be named. :P who doesn't read comments here right? lol

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