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i'm quite tired and my legs hurt, but i had some fun times at CHA! i looooooved meeting a bunch of new people (especially my fellow '08 masters, most of whom i'd never met, and my studio calico girls), seeing people again after a year, checking out new goodies, and talking to the MM staff.

some highlights:
- me walking around as davinie all day sunday because my badge was missing, and then having a bunch of people look at me going "i think i know you but you're not davinie."

- meeting april, scarlet, the g-man (aka greg, april's husband), the davinie sandwich (aka nicole h&s, and davinie), joy, and meeting kirsty (even though only briefly)! i must say the studio calico are absolutely awesome. i loooooved spending time with them and meeting them in real life! now i will associate all their posts with their voices!

- finally meeting celeste! she picked me up and said "you're so tiny!" (like almost everyone else meeting me for the first time hah). she's a hoot. i love her. i'm bummed that i didn't get a pic with her :(

- a mission with mle. hee.

- hanging out with the double-D girls and having some random guy jump into our group picture and look at home. it was the most random thing ever. you can see debi's LO of the pic here.

- FINALLY meeting jamie (and MR too!)

- meeting several of my fellow my fellow masters at dinner for the first time! they're awesome :) and i thought this last year too, but the MM staff is absolutely fantastic. i love working for them!

- meeting a lot of HMer girls! so fun :)

- running after all the food (dav kept making fun of me for it!)

- g-man doing make n takes! hehe. he has a man crush on tim hotlz ;)

- dinner at the cheesecake factory - nik's "arm." me taking pictures of food again. birthday singing. lemon raspberry cheesecake. yum.

i'll probably post about product later on the MMM blog :)

a couple of other people i saw:

may and audrey, whom i worked with on the SBA team. i also got the chance to be published in their awesome book, paper&pixels.

sweet, sweet becky.

cindy was supersweet also!

kelli crowe who is fabulous!

the supertalented kelly goree who was rocking the make n takes :)

the absolutely adorable elsie

i loooooved meeting kelly noel!

i finally met laura from my days on the late nite threads!

to anyone else i met this week, i absoltely loved meeting ya! so good to finally be able to meet people i hang with online!

have a good one :)

ETA: check out my product blurbs here.


Nicole said…
had an absolute blast with you these last few days my dearie...you're an absolute doll!!

rachel carlson said…
caro, it was SO great to see you again this year. hugs, rachel

Tiffany said…
WOW! Great photos! It is nice to see pictures of people I admire in the scrap industry! You look like you had a blast! Someday I will get to CHA!Thanks for sharing!
Vee said…
so awesome that you saw so many people!! love your recap on each person, fabulous pics as always :)
Debi said…
Caroline... so fun to see you again! Even "photo crasher Cassie" didn't stop us from having fun... wish we could've hung out just a bit more! Oh, well... next January, right? :)
Sharyn said…
What a fun post! Thanks for sharing all the photos! Fun for us stay at homers! :)
ricanlaw said…
Loved this post and I'm thrilled you had a great time and that the girls are so nice.

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