it's lucky i'm clever

it's been a good weekend: hanging out, plans for the end of the month, going to a rally, being within 15 feet of america ferrera, target, a get-together, cranium (and owning once again), charades, a good superbowl game (even though i didn't have a side), and restaurant week.

so we took this event as a chance to check out circa 55 at the beverly hilton for lunch today, and it was quite delicious - especially the dessert, which was amazing. soooooo good. i was so full!

(i know, i know. i spent way too much time taking pictures of the food before eating it. hehe. i couldn't resist.)

hoping to do another place on friday for dinner!

in other news, i played with chris's flash, and now i want my own. *sigh*

have a good one :)


Broken Beth said…
Your blog header is beautiful, just wanted to say HI!
Anilu Magloire said…
Oh, how jealous am I!!! That food looks perfect.
I am so hungry right now. I better go get some lunch :)
Vee said…
omg, your food pics always make me HUNGRY, yummy!!! love it
Close To Home said…
oh my. FOOD! Those pics are so yummy I could eat them! LOL!
super cute puppy! Love your photos admire your life!
Barb said…
I'll take the mozzarella and tomato salad, please.

(And that's really amazing b/c I"m usually a dessert girl!)
ali mclaughlin said…
the food looks yummy!
Rita Weiss said…
You are so setting yourself up for a position at Gourmet Magazine as a food stylist, after graduation! i'm telling you, girl, your photography is amazing! Thanks for sharing and get to work on that portfolio!
Denise said…
Wow - exquisite food photos. I will take the dessert that Barb passed up in lieu of the salad. :o)
Elisabeth said…
Wow, I can't imagine that it could possibly taste as good as your pics look, amazing photos!

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