dont worry you'll still be able to place me

this and that:

sweet temptations
- someone tell me how i baked 2 dozen of these, gave 10 or so away, and only have 7 left a day later? ...yeah.

i voted....
- i voted.

- have kept up with my photo a day plan so far...i've been posting them all on flickr.

- i'm feeling rather uncreative this week, and it's driving me insane.

- i have been searching for an elusive yellow coat from here (it's not even online, hmph). if i was a size bigger, this would not be a problem.

- i need a haircut. finding a possible style? giving me a headache. any suggestions?

- saw juno finally. loved it!

- there's a fun giveaway on the AC blog, along with a bunch of cute valentine goodies from the DT girls. where's mine, you ask? well, i'm kind of anti-valentine's day so i'm working on it.

- can't wait to eat at roy's tomorrow. did i tell you i love restaurant week?

- to help out a fellow studio calico girl - check this out and watch this.

- i'll be at CHA sunday and tuesday. if you see me, say hi. i'll be that girl who looks like she isn't old enough to be on the floor. haha.

have a good one :)


Vee said…
your cupcake looks so yummy and cute! I love your i voted pic too, awesome! have fun at CHA :)
Denise said…
The cupcake is calling my name! LOL! Thank you for all the great links. You have a wonderful blog and I always love perusing through it. Thanks!
Nicole said…
see you there my friend...and bring those cupcakes along if you don't want to eat them all

Pound said…
pffft you can't beat my 10 cupcakes eaten in like 3 minutes. :P

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