you got my time on a dotted line

late night musings while freezing in 40 degree weather:

- new AC = awesome.

- i ordered food the other day, and apparently my name is "calorine" now. it looks like calorie. is that a hidden message or something?

- crazy winds in LA yesterday. that was strange.

- came sorta close to missing my flight (i hate you LA traffic), then found out my flight had been delayed two hours due to weather delays in baltimore (that's where the aircraft was coming from).

- knew i'd get bored, so paid $10 for internet to pass the time.

- came here ridiculously hungry and immediately pigged out.

- musings while watching american idol yesterday and tuesday: it makes me wonder about people. then again, i love stupid people <3

- i have a slight unhealthy obsession with shoes. trying to decide on which pairs to pack is always a nightmare.

- the new spring clothes are way cute. sigh.

- these CD covers are totally awesome. their tunes are good, too!

- speaking of tunes, i went on an itunes spree. new discoveries:
Hem - We'll Meet Along the Way
Josh Kelley - Two Cups of Coffee
Josh Rouse - Sweetie
Jessie Baylin - Contradicting Words
Cary Brothers - The Glass Parade
Peter Bjorn and John - Let's Call it Off
Kate Voegele - It's Only Life

methinks it's time i start that playlist mini-album.

- tomorrow i plan aimlessly roam san francisco. i feel adventurous! :)

have a swell day :)


giuseppina said…
have fun in san fran!
Trude said…
Yeah those winds were crrrrazy! Glad I didn't bother to wash my car, again.

I'm so jealous you're in SF! Hope to see some photos in your LOs! :)
Lisa Dickinson said…
oh i'm gonna live vicariously through i would love a day of San Fran roaming :)
nadine jenine said…
did you know that josh kelley is katherine heigl's husband?
Nicole said…
lol at 40 degrees being frigid...our high today is 15!!

hope you had a safe trip...xoxo
Colleen said…
Hope you enjoy San Fran. Looking forward to reading about your trip.
Pound said…
oh hahahaha you paid $10, sorry i wasn't on! :P

have fun in sf!
Amy said…
ooh san fran... inspirational! :) tfs the new tunes, too.

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