i played this part a thousand times

things making me cheery:

- this post by linda. ethan is a riot.

- the fact that the word "post office" is trademarked. yeah, who knew? i thought that was pretty hilarious.

- the february studio calico kit dropped at my door today. it's full of awesomeness. the guessing thread is a good time.

- dumb people. in particular one guy who writes ridiculous pointless, pretentious, and lengthy emails. first of all, who writes like that? second of all, can you please get to your point? third of all, get over yourself. however, stupid people
amuse me when they are not angering me.

- jason wade on football: "We are playing "fan fest", which is basically the big party on the streets before the big College National Championship football game between LSU and Ohio State. Now I'm still debating who I want to win, but I'm leaning towards LSU since they are the home town heroes. On the other hand, I like the uniforms of the Ohio State team, so I might have to be neutral and cheer for both teams. This is the first football ball game I've ever been to believe it or not, and I'm pretty excited about it to say the least. I was the scrawny kid in high school who would try to stay away from the football team at all possible. But now that I'm an adult they're a little less intimidating than they use to be. I figure if I am going to be a full blown fan I need the necesarry equipment. Football jersey, sports hat, gloves, protection cup, and one of those helmet beer dispensers you see those big guys wearing" uhmmmmm....oooooook.

- freaks&geeks. why, oh why was this show cancelled?

- my friends. they are the best.

what is making you cheery these days?


Pound said…
"stupid people
amuse me when they are not angering me."

dwight schrute called. he wants his sentence back.
Michelle said…
hello....I stumbled across your blog and love your scrappy pages...and had to say: why oh why did they cancel freaks and geeks?? I bought it on boxed set and watch it all the time...but it's truly the best ever...he he
MicheleC. said…
"things that make me happy these days".......call me simple, but my new Starbucks mug with all the drinks written on the outside and the tiffany blue handle/inside, just MAKES MY DAY when i'm drinking hot coffee out of it. it's always the simple things for me.

btw...where or where is that huge picture of Jim??? I'm in Monterey Park, CA....GOTTA GO TO SEE JIM!!!
Anilu Magloire said…
I'm happy to be taking my girlie to Disney for the first time!!!
MsGrace said…
things that make me happy these days...
my sweet dear hubby.
Dunkin' Dounuts iced coffee
watching season 3 of LOST
& most of all creating art with my 10 year old daughter Rachel...she has been such a blast lately.

Check out my blog...she is on a quest for a name for her sock creature & we could use all the help we can get...she thought it would be fun to gather names & choose one.
Lisa Dickinson said…
Hey the fact that I found your blog is making me happy right now! and your list is great - especially the stupid people part. gotta agree there. :)

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