i miss the years that were erased

some of you scrapbookers may have heard about or followed christine middlecamp's tragic story over the last several months. her husband, eric, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and passed away yesterday afternoon at the age of 35, leaving behind christine and their son ethan.

over the last few months, i have gotten to know christine from being on the studio calico team, and have admired her strength, courage, and grace through this. my heart aches for her and her family. april posted this on the studio calico boards today:

Many of you have expressed the desire to help in any way that you can. Because of that, we are offering a way to contribute toward a flower fund. Any amount beyond what is needed for flowers will be given to Christine to use as needed. You may send donations to the Studio Calico Paypal Account at april@studiocalico.com. Funds will be kept separate from regular kit fees (see instructions below).

Please title your donation “For Christine” in the email subject line. It is necessary that you indicate that on the email so that funds can be kept separate. Donations will be accepted until 10:00pm EST on Tuesday. Please do NOT donate after this time.

To send money to SC’s Paypal account, log into your Paypal account at www.paypal.com

Click on “Send Money” in the bar on the top of the page.

Enter april@studiocalico.com in the email line.

Enter “For Christine” in the subject line

Enter the amount you wish to donate.

Press “send”

You will then be directed to a verification screen

Please verify

at the very least, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


ali mclaughlin said…
How very sad, I will be praying for her and her family
Anilu Magloire said…
I just can't stop thinking about her...

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