and thousands upon thousands made an ocean

just a random update.

- watched little miss sunshine. i loved it. so quirky, hilarious, endearing, so great.
- found an awesome deal on pointy black pumps - $6. hooray.
- me and amy were craving cupcakes (and were to lazy to make our own), so we went down to dots. i forgot how adorable that place was.
- was on the hunt for some shrinky dinks. apparently, they're uncool now because neither michaels or jo ann had them. how sad.
- want to make one of these. so cool.
- fried mac&cheese. and potato skins. yummm.
- i had a bunch of food cravings this week. i think i'm still craving food. sigh.
- remember oregon trail? yeah, it's on facebook. it's lame but strangely amusing. especially when your friends (aka: the people on your wagon) start dying of causes such as: suicide because you annoyed them so much, bad body odor, explosive diarrhea, and tobacco cravings. lol.
- i realized that i've barely picked up my camera the last few weeks. i miss taking photos. need to start again.
- lifehouse is going back on tour! yay.
- loving death cab for cutie again lately. i love rediscovering things i haven't listened to in awhile. also listening to a lot of sigur ros...they're out there ("post rock") and not for everyone, but it's so beautiful and peaceful-sounding.
- going up north this weekend to clear my head and refresh.
- feeling blah creatively which is annoying me. who stole all the mojo?

since i blog posts are better with visuals, here's a hybrid i did for the ideabooks4u blog last week.

photos are from when i chased around linda&co. with a camera. they are adorable, aren't they? plus, i couldn't resist using all the new valentine goodies, since i have the misfortune of being single and can't ususally use them. sigh.

have a good one!


em said…
you had never seen "little miss sunshine"?? so of my favorites!

i got the shrink material at michaels last year (it wasn't "shrinky dink" brand) and it was hidden away is some obscure space amongst the paper...good luck finding some!
Michelle Guray said…
i need me some of that mojo too! maybe taking new pics will help with that! your LO is cuteness btw and have a great time at norcal :)
ali mclaughlin said…
Love Little miss Sunshine and Death cab for Cutie too... ughh my mojos been gone as well.
Anilu Magloire said…
Loooved Little Miss Sunshine!!
Now I'm craving cupcakes too :)
Pound said…
AHAHAHAHA former preeminent proust scholar.
love that movie.

tobacco cravings?! b.o.?!

dcfc- ya, <3.
and kinda lol @ linda & co.
Rita Weiss said…
hey caroline! hiya! get to that mojo girlfriend....remember, us "old guys" live vicariously through you "youngin's" !!!! love ya! xoxo

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