spinning turning watching burning

it's rainy.

i've been to target waaaay too many times this week. everytime i make a trip, something else comes up that i have to make a return trip.

i want this(the grey/silver one) but i'm trying to resisist.

can't get over the fact that it's less than a week til christmas.

sitting with a pile of DVDs and mags = yay.

picked up atonement. every once in awhile, i pick up a book that has prose that blows me away, and i end up having to read each paragraph over again to take it all in. this book is one of them.

i've had way too much caffeine today.

oh. and i got my scrap on.

(for OLW.

(for the ideabooks4u blog/DD.


yummy scraps.

and i think that dress will look super cute on you. so you should definitely buy it :)
Marfa said…
Your "hope" layout is especially wonderful, I want to know more after reading the journaling...I love the purple polka dotted top scrap...you're inspiring me!
em said…
I forgot we had the same ideabooks4u assignment!

Love both layouts...I was having trouble figuring out if the OLW one was digi or not! It just looks so...perfect!!

I read Atonement a couple of years ago...I remember it started out slowly but by the end I was in love! I can't wait to see the movie! :)
Anilu Magloire said…
Same thing happens to me with those trips to Target :)
Love your scraps, LOVE!!
Amy Hummel said…
Ooh, I love that you got your scrap on today. It's been awhile for me!

I know what you mean about Target. I've been there 2 nights in a row this week, and was thinking about a return trip today. But I think I can restrain. Target is just so hard to avoid during the Christmas season. Their stuff is so cute!
Jenn said…
I know exactly what you mean about Target! Love your LO's
Rita Weiss said…
Hey C. LOVE love love your layouts (as always), but also love that DRESS! you must buy it. It will remind you for years to come how lovely you looked in it at your age. I have a pic of me in my early 20's in a fabo dress I bought and I cherish it. It reminds me always that I am fabulous and I can be pretty when I try. ..... BUY IT!
Pound said…
yay for scraps!!! are we doing another office marathon tonight? haha

i keep hearing good things about atonement (book and film) but... it's so.... romantic sounding. =/
melissa said…
that dress is fab-you must buy it ;)

LOVE the layouts, I really need to take time and do some scraping myself

atonement is one my long list of books to read...hoping to get to it some time soon.
Anonymous said…
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