close your eyes to corral a virtue..

i felt really creative this weekend. it might have been the fact that my studio calico kit showed up this week. more about that later this week. 2 to share -

this week's HMITM (use every letter of the alphabet on a LO):

started making christmas cards this weekend:

every year, i have good intentions of handing out handmade christmas cards to all my friends. every year, i fail. this year, i shall try to succeed. so i started early.

been watching of old episodes of popular and freaks&geeks the last few weeks. both are shows that were on air around the time i started high school. both are awesome. both are so much funnier now that i'm out of high school. both got cancelled after a short time. such a shame.

looking forward to some things that are coming up soon. which include having everyone back home for thanksgiving break (it will include a photo shoot for sure), and a norcal trip in december. yes, again. i'll freeze, but what the heck. and i can't wait for winter break :)

have a good one :)


ali mclaughlin said…
yes, the SC kits rocked.. I already did about 3 layouts. Love your layout, so fun! I want a Christmas card! Those are really cute. I need to get started on mine soon.
~*~Felicia~*~ said…
LOVE the layout!!!!!! omg I might have to steal that idea! lol awesome job and also kudos to you for starting early on your christmas cards! I SO need to get on that :-\
Vee said…
I love your christmas card!! I need to get on this like stat!! ;)
ps. hmitm lo too, love it!
Steph J said…
great LO! what a fab idea!
Rita said…
Hi C. I love your ABC layout (heck, all your layouts!) ....and your Christmas Card is devine!!! nice to *see* you xo
Chrissy Le said…
LOVE the layout and card!! BRILLIANT work!!
melissa said…
I am so looking forward to winter break too-it couldn't come faster

I saw that LO on flikr and thought it was so FAB!-super creative

fun x-mas card too
i best get a christmas card!
Pound said…
that l/o is cooool. and what a good title you have there. :P
Waleska said…
holy cow, I LOVE your card!

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