yay and nay

- souplantation chicken noodle soup. the best.
- the shins on sunday. linda will be there too.
- san diego later this month. hooray for coti's, the beach, and oh yeah...seing them.
- scrapping fun:

from the last couple of days. i'd been in sort of a funk for the last few months (i blame the weather still), and i think i'm finally coming out of it.
- the sims. actually that could also be a nay, because it sucks up my time.
- these. i'm bad. i know. but judy tempted me. and they were on sale.
- dashboard's new album chris carraba seriously makes me swoon. i want to go to their concert, but i had to pass. wahh.

- the post office. nuff said.
- ticketmaster. their fees are outrageous. ughhhh.

hm. i guess that is all.
have a good one :)


Nicole said…
lol at your yay/nay list...who doesn't hate the post office, lol?!
Vee said…
love your list too!
cute shoes!!
Pound said…
YAY james.
see ya there!!!
Kimber-Leigh said…
wait until you go to the post office with kids...ugh. my least favorite errand. a friend of mine once told me her town had a DRIVE-THRU WINDOW at their post office. i'd love that!
MsGrace said…
love the yays & nays.
love the layouts!
Rita said…
oooo...lovin' those pages caroline! esp. the first one. I love photos tied together like that :) have fun at the concert.
melissa said…
I am so with you on the ticketmaster prices..ugh

LOVE the fun layouts!

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