wincing the night away

who: the shins
when: oct. 7
where: the greek theatre, LA

(so i had to bring the point and shoot today and i totally missed my nikon. sigh. this photo is dedicated to linda because she was sitting even further away and she has a little crush on james)

oh man, the shins...where to start...they ROCK my world. seriously. i think james mercer is absolutely brilliant, guitar (and harmonica) skill-wise, and songwriting-wise (especially that. look up some of his lyrics, it's like poetry that shows up in english class). he's also hee-lari-ous ("what's up los ange-leees!" he also had a fake start of one of their songs in the encore that had something to do with toilet paper. i was dying.) they're one of my absolute favorite live bands - another one of those that i can see over and over again and not get over their amazingness. seriously (i am *so* seeing them time they tour). everything just comes across 100x better live and james's voice just comes across really strong. they're awesome. that's all i can say. if you like them and have never see them live, i strongly suggest that you go see them. like now.

the one thing that irked me was the crowd. i think i really hate LA people sometimes. first of all, a lot of people were sitting in their seats like rocks. the whole front section was up, but not our section. the music was totally making me want to rock out, and i was getting antsy because i really wanted to get up and move around. this happened at the LA county fair too (except i got up anyway). what. the. crap. grr. the other thing - people started leaving before the encore. only in LA do people leave a concert early to try to avoid traffic. all i can say is that they missed out BIG TIME because they shins did an AMAZING cover of pink floyd. best moment of the night.

i got to chat with this girl today -

we started off as BDFs (best dodger friends), but the dodgers totally disappointed us this year, so we are now BSFs (best shins friends). hehe :)

will update about other happenings later, but i'm just pumped about the shins right now.

oh, and here's a page for HMITM-

have a good one :)

this is killing me right now. he's fricken hilarious. love it. this is why i adore the shins.

and this. was. AMAZING.


Jessica F said…
Bummer about people being weird at the show. I would have gotten up anyways! I do think the Greek is kinda chill to just sit back and relax at though... :)
Pound said…
i can't even talk right now.
Anonymous said…
Color me jealous - I LOVE the Shins! Young Pilgrims is my fav. LOL about LA people. Last time I went to an Angles' game no one was even there until the 3rd inning and they had all left by the 7th.
AMY said…
stupid caroline.

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