this and that

first of all - new layout/banner. finally! it was about time, i think i had the old one up since may.

moving along:

- happy halloween! we have another hour over here. we wanted to carve one of those, but since our designater pumpkin carver lives in san diego and we couldn't fit in time to do it while she was home over the weekend...this mini pumpkin dessert thing will have to do.

- they picked up a few pages from me about a month ago, and i discovered last week that it would be used for this. supercool. i loved when they did a book like this a few years ago (back around when i first began scrapping). i want to lift some of the other pages too!

- this really hit me. he wrote it just for the commercial. they picked the perfect person to write it.

- loving them. i had to go and pick up their album immediately after hearing them open for dashboard (i was, however, a fan of his old band). i also found a cool section of their website, where he posts up shots he took with a polaroid. love his perspective.

- will be hanging out here saturday. always good times at DD.

- hooked on this this season. finally. i really couldn't get into it before for some reason, but man, it's HILARIOUS. i'm, however, not so impressed with this this season. what is up with all the new characters? urgh.

- not quite sure what to think of this. oh yeah, baseball offseason has definitely begun.

and from this weekend:

(i have a thing for lollipops)

he was a houseplant/tree. it was seriously the best costume ever. except for when i had to sit next to him on a ride and his leaves kept poking me.

cat burglar. haha. she also had an acoomplice.

these were these cool spotlights. unfortunately, they were really hard to shoot because they moved around pretty fast.

i was little red riding hood. i'm rather upset that i had no pictures of me on my camera, which means i have to harrass someone else for them. haha.

california adventure was pretty fun - it was my first time there. i'm not sure if i'd pay full price for it, or go there on a regular day, but "trick or treating" around the park was amusing. whoo.

have a good one :)


Michelle said…
Gorgeous photos! Can't wait to see your Little Red Riding Hood outfit! :D

Oh.. cool new banner too! Love the colors!
looks like you had a fun weekend!!! cool new site, too!
Vee said…
gorgeous photos, love your new banner!!
amber jane said…
Love the banner and I adore your pictures they are fab :)
nadine said…
love your pictures as always!
Marie Starr said…
Such awesome photos!!
Mye said…
Love your photos, and your new banner rocks!!
Erin said…
great photos and fun new banner!
I must agree with you on Heroes this season too....hoping it gets better soon!
kokopuffs said…
so cool that you got to go to CA for Halloween. esp to trick-or-treat?! I opted not to go this year...never been, but was invited to go. had to work so there's that.
Anilu Magloire said…
I LOVE your pics!!! Really cool shotes.
Loving the new blog look :)
Anonymous said…
I love your new lay out! Just one little mistake: In your banner it says "though".. Shouldn't that be "through"?
Pound said…
i like the brown!
nice pics too.
Barb said…
Love the amusement park pic!

And congrats on the BHG. Loved seeing your LO in the collection.
kelly said…
i'm glad the BHG bookazine mystery was solved ;)

fun photos!
kelly said…
love the new look! congrats on the bhg fun!
Anabelle said…
Love your banner. And your photos are just amazing! Congrats on BHG! (I submitted a layout based on one of them!) :)
ali mclaughlin said…
Loving all the photos!!
RiNNE said…
Love your photos! Great new banner!
melissa said…
stunning photos as usual

I LOVE that lifehouse song, the video is simply perfect

awesome new banner-love the bling
Anonymous said…
Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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