somebody else's song

back from san diego.
what i did:

*chase these two around the beach:

yeah, i think he thinks i'm crazy now (sorry, dan). but hey. if i chase you around with a camera, that means i like you.

* decided we were getting old and that jumping pictures would tire us out, so instead trying to get a "picture in picture."

it's kinda fun. try it!

* ate. a lot.

all you can eat sushi (good stuff too), kobe beef burgers (yum), burritos from coti's, among other things.

* hung out with them:

(that's ben, the 2nd guitarist, and bryce, the bassist. both of lifehouse. rick, the drummer, was MIA)

me and jason wade are like BFF now. i kid. but we got to chat. i don't even remember what i said. he asked how i was (!) and i had him sign my CD. the other guys too (i actually talked to them first). i was in line, and judy (who didn't go to the show, but stood in line with me until she went to meet another friend) spotted them again (she was the one who spotted them at the LA county fair). i ran over, got my pictures (no baby that distracted them this time!), and got my CD signed by the three of them (this could've happened last time too but i totally forgot i had it with me). it was sweet. they're such nice guys. i love that. it totally makes me want to support them even more.

* had the front row experience.
it was amazing. i never, ever, want to stand anywhere else ever again. it's just different. everything was SO close. everything sounded really awesome. the show was amazing. my 4th show and the best. i really enjoyed myself, forgot the fact that my feet were killing me, went crazy, sang and screamed, and lost my voice. good times. no pictures from the show because the house of blues is anal about cameras, and i didn't even try to sneak one in (i just had judy take it with her when she left). next time i have to do front row AND take pictures. with that distance, i would've gotten awesome shots even with the point and shoot (is it bad that i kept thinking that the whole time?)

* meanwhile, the rest of the crew was eating this:

i'm jealous. but they saved me some. and since they were babysitting my big camera, they took some photos like i would. ha.

i do love san diego. this weekend went by entirely too fast.

on a sadder note, those wildfires in so-cal have been CRAZY. luckily, where i am right now is fine. but we were in the middle of the san diego ones. we were out to lunch on sunday by the beach, and it was lovely and nice...and all of a sudden the sky got weird and it started to smell like smoke. i smelled the smoke while i was in line for the concert and it started to bother me. there was ash all over the cars. UC san diego cancelled classes today and tomorrow. my friend's boss called and told her not to go into work today because their building got evacuated. and dan's place got evacuated. on the way home, we just kept driving through smoke. nuts.

have a good one :)


Barb said…
Okay. You've officially made me very hungry!

Glad the fire situation is safe for you. Scary stuff!
Kristi Sauer said…
Glad you had fun...its sounds like the fire is horrible and getting worse!
Leah said…
i love the picture-in-picture shots. cool idea!
Mye said…
Okay, now I'm hungray. Love the beach photos....I'm way far from a beach!
rachel carlson said…
awwww, c you lucky girl, you're living in a rockstar world - SWEET! stay safe with the fires. hugs, rach
Nicole said…
ok, i knew you loved Lifehouse, but holy got to meet them??!!

good for you!! =)
Vee said…
that is awesome!! so cool you got to meet them and awesome pics, love the pic inside a pic, very cool! ;)
ali mclaughlin said…
Great photos.. love the picture in picture shots also! Hope you stay safe from all those fires.
you are needy.

now send me some cake.

damn it.
Pound said…
that shrimp looks so good.
i guess you have a new bff now. wonder if he knows... :P
nadine said…
love the picture in picture! damn your good!
Tina said…
omg....I ate that same roll a couple of weekends ago! it's called the deanna roll here. oh man, now I'm craving it bad. ;)

Your photos are so beautiful.
Benga said…
picture in picture is soo cool! tnx for sharing!
melissa said…
OMG how amazing!! girl you are so lucky ;)

and those picture-in-picture shots are fab!

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