remember to breathe.

so. this is the concert i almost didn't go to. but omgosh - i'm freaking glad i was able to go. tonight was awesome. the orpheum theatre was gorgeous, and i loved that it was really small intimate (it was a lot smaller than i'd been expecting. our row J seats were pretty good, and we were pretty much center). chris carraba rocks my world. the opening bands were ALL awesome (and there were 3)! it was just an all-around awesome lineup and a great night.

(my photos got progressively worse as the evening went on. PSA: digi zoom sucks. stick to optical if you can. booo.)

john ralston

this guy used to play guitar for chris carraba a few years ago. he started his solo project. he was great. i bought his CD after his set. we were going to get it signed, but were confused about where they were setting that up, so we didn't. oops.


augustana was one of my big discoveries this summer, so i was thrilled when i heard they were going to open for dashboard! they were SO good - dan's vocals were just amazing. he was awesome on piano too. anyway, when i think of augustana, i think "mellow," but they managed to rock out as well. it was cool. i didn't dig his outfit, but their set was awesome.

jack's mannequin

i was a fan of andrew mcmahon's band, something corporate (which is on hiatus at the moment), so i was really curious to see what jack's mannequin was like. i can't believe i never checked them out before. they were awesome. really really awesome. he started off with some really pretty ballads, and built it up into some more up-tempo stuff. i seriously loved everything they played. he even threw in an old soco song, which made me happy.

dashboard confessional

the main attraction. i have to say that the atosphere at a dashboard concert is just amazing - everyone seems to know every word of every song, and everyone sings along. love that. there's so much energy in the crowd, and it's so incredible to be a part of that. chris carraba's vocals just shine live. he went back to his acoustic roots for this tour, which thrilled me because i LOVE dashboard acoustic. i was kinda bummed that he didn't play "the brilliant dance," which is one of my most favorite dashboard songs, but it was okay because he played the most amazing 10-minute version of "remember to breathe," which is another one of my absolute favorites. it. rocked. my. world. period.

have a good one :)


Waleska said…
very cool! glad you were able to go :)
Je said…
Oh my god! Thank you SO much for sharing. Lovin the pics and glad to know they still play the old songs, my personal favorites too. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Anilu Magloire said…
Oh, I miss my concert going days!!!
dang those pictures are great.
what a hot concert too.
fun fun
he is such a beautiful, beautiful man. i want to go see him right now.

i'm gonna marry him.
Candi said…
c...i saw your super cute page and letter in the new dec ck mag :)
glad you had a great time at the concert
ek said…
I heart Dashboard. I saw them in the spring of 04 and it was one of the best concerts I've been to, despite nearly being trampled to death. Chris made it all worth it. :)
Joy Madison said…
looks like you had fun!!!! That was a great lineup!
Pound said…
hey these pics are so much better than the shins pics! lucky :P you didn't even need your good cam.

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