being sneaky

(click for bigger)

as always, i loved this kit. is it just me, or does it get better each month?
out on the 28th :)

i updated the MMM blog's my post.

off to san diego for the weekend. on the agenda: the beach, jumping pictures, burritos, all-you-can-eat sushi, extraordinary desserts, and lifehouse...apparently the concert is going to be webcast on live nation at 9 pm PST...maybe i'll be in there. ha. i have a million things to do before i go, so i better get started on the to-do list.

have a good one :)


Tina said…
oohhhh....can't wait to see!
Emily Pitts said…
any kind of circles make me happy. looks like it's going to be one doozy of a kit! have a fun weekend :).
Barb said…
Cricket said…
gosh your weekend sounds fabulous..enjoy!!

Jessica F said…
Have fun!!! I'll be heading down to SD this weekend too :)
Erin said…
love those sneaks!
I can't wait to get this kit!
Have fun in SD!
this looks fun!! just wanted to stop by and say hi caroline-hope your mmm year is going great :)

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