or rather yesterday, i suppose.

went to the LA county fair with these people:

ate this:

deep fried twinkie, krispy kreme chicken sandwich, and deep fried coke. all three were surprisingly rather delicious. everyone should try them once!

and this:

turkey legs. it was funny because jason was talking about them in some radio interview a few weeks ago, and also during the show.

met them:

oh yeah....i met lifehouse. we were walking and judy happened to spot them at hot dog on a stick and called out to me. but i missed getting a photo WITH them. i did get to chat with rick (the drummer) about gator bites (on their blog on myspace, he had talked about how he was looking forward to them and i was wondering that they were), and jason said hey to me. i was about to faint and i was shaking. that was lovely. anyway, they both agreed to a photo, but while they were gathering the troops, this lady with her cute little baby son jumped in front of me and got her pic, then their tour manager said they had to go. sigh. next time, perhaps.

they rocked the show:

seriously. i think i like them more and more every time i see them. which makes me want more, which keeps making me go to concerts. but they're really worth it. they were spot-on today, and had a lot of energy, despite 90% of the crowd being in their seats, which annoyed me. especially the people in the $100 section, who were all sitting down. grrr.

went on this:

today was intensely staisfying.
and a lot of fun.

now i must finish packing...i'm going to arizona tomorrow (my second cousin is here from japan, and we are dropping him off at my aunt's, where he's staying for a week, and then to vegas monday...memory trends tuesday and wednesday. let me know if you're going :)


ali m said…
Looks fun! although that deep fried stuff looks pretty gross! lol.
melissa said…
WOW what an amazing day! how cool that you met lifehouse!! too bad about the pic though..some day there will be another oportunity, I just know it ;)

those deep fried items are making my arteries clog just looking at them. krispy kreme chicken sandwich..really?

and your coming to AZ again and I still dont get to meet you? geez, lol.
Pound said…
cute baby my ass. you should've put the smackdown on that lady :P~

turkey legs!!!!!
TessaAnnWatte said…
You always have SO much fun, Caroline!
I would love to be you for a day :)
I have to agree with everyone else about the deep fried food tho....only you can get away with eating crap like that. haha! :) Lucky girl!!!!
I hope you have a great week!
april said…
okay, that food is why I have my real job! :)

Anyway, too cool that you met lifehouse!
Waleska said…
how cool that you got to meet them! have fun this week!! :)
Vee said…
looks like SO much fun!
so awesome that you got to meet some of the band members! love the photos as always have fun in AZ :)
seriously? i would have pushed the baby out of the way. ha. snarky.
RiNNE said…
OMG!!! Those deep fried stuff kinda looks gross...I like fried chicken and krisy kreme, but not deep fried together!! But you're right! Everyone should try it once!
Lillsisslill said…
Loved all the pictures. And I really loved the picture of the........turkey legs they look so goooood!!!


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