red carpet

the new studio calico kit is up.

here's what i did with it:

i loved, loved, LOVED that kit. the combo of elements in there is really unique, and almost a little hard to work wth, but once you get going with it, everything just flows and it seems to be the most natural thing ever. seriously. awesome.

i would also suggest that you check out the work of the other girls, because there is so much eye candy in that gallery that it will seriously blow you away.

i've been slowly crossing things off my to-do list, while being distracted by the sims and heroes. seriously, why is are sims addicting? they're hilarious.

oh and grey's is back. let the good times begin :)

have a good one!


tessa'en said…
how I LOVE your layouts!!
Amy Hummel said…
So, I just wanted to say that I totally love the pictures of you in your banner!
Kristi Sauer said…
Impressive, love them all!
jo said…
very cool LOs - I'm super excited for my SC kit now so I can play! :)

The Sims... I got that game but I never understood it! *lol*

Love Heroes - can't wait for Monday! :)

Have a great weekend!
Pound said…
nice l/o!! off to check out the gallery.

p.s. weren't you gonna make an ethan sim? :P lololol
the ethan sim will cry because his crabcake took a whole 25 min. to cook. =/ i'm lol that you went to sg mission.
Maggie Holmes said…
you rocked it! Love them all!!
Maggie Holmes said…
you rocked it! Love them all!!
melissa said…
beautiful layouts, that must be an awesome kit because your pages reflect it.

and YAY for Grey's being back on!!
casey boyd said…
Caroline your layouts are great! Thanks for the inspiration.
kelly said…
i'm so amazed at how you can just whip out so many awesome layouts like you do! great layouts!
MsGrace said…
awesome stuff!!
ali mclaughlin said…
Love the pages!
Cherry Runway said…
Someone voted you as their favorite artist on Elsie Flannigan's blog so i checked out your blog.

You are a scrapper and an INCREDIBLE photographer!! Keep up the great work!

Craft on.

Jenipher LYn

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