christine+ryan (the end), HMITM fun

finally finished up the wedding photos -

i finally did a HMITM's been awhile:

up next: i found this cool area to shoot in while out for dinner one night, so i went back the next day and had a fun photo shoot. so i'll post pics.

oh - and if you're going to memory trends, let me know! some things are working in my favor right now, and i believe i will be going! :)

have a good one :)


ali m. said…
Such fun photos! I am going to w wedding soon, can't wait to have fun with my camera too! ha
Lisa said…
These are really beautiful pictures. I love how you angled them.
Ginger said…
I always love your photos Caroline! I havn't been to your blog in a while so I've been sitting back and catching up! What fun! Love your pictures of SF too. Totaly takes me back! And have fun with that MMM prize--I was so happy to hear you won! :)
Pound said…
you can be a wedding photog!
and what a fun hmitm.
Nicole said…
Caroline, that pic of him smooching her forehead just made me tear up, lol...they're lovely =)
Staci Compher said…
love the new layout!! those bright colors with the black back ground....gorgeous!!!
Waleska said…
wow! fabulous pictures, girl!!
and a little late...holy cow! what prize!! enjoy your MMM goodies! :)

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