norcal: day 2+3

]i kind of like having my laptop on the road. hooray :)

day 2: went over to daly city to meet up with a family friend. we went to eat some vietnamese noodles, and then went to daiso - my favorite japanese dollar store. i loooove going to that place when i'm in japan. they have EVERYTHING. it's HUGE. i was quite excited when i found out there was one in the bay area. picked up a bunch of cool labels and mesh-y stuff. afterwards, went into SF for some shopping. mission: to find a dress for my cousin's wedding. did that at forever 21 (and bought other things), then hit up old navy. i'm hoping everything fits in my luggage monday - when i was packing for the trip, i tried to leave some room for stuff i buy, but it didn't happen. whoops. somehow, i'll make it work. headed back to elaine's place, then went to zachary's - best chicago-style pizza EVER. yum.

day 3: went over to scrapbook territory and did some damage. in my defense, i haven't gone scrapbook shopping since the last time i was here (back in april). walked around the area - grabbed a cup of coffee and a cupcake and sat and people watched. love norcal. people are chill. love it. then headed up for dim sum...then walked the golden gate bridge. we all thought it was longer than it actually is - 1.7 miles....totally do-able. it was a nice walk - and the sausalito side of the bridge has way nice views. went down to baker bridge for a different bridge perspective. very cool. headed over to the fisherman's wharf area...went to the buena vista for dinner. AWESOME irish coffee. yum :) walked around and then went over to ghirardelli for some sundaes. yum yum :)

on the agenda tomorrow - point reyes. fortunately, no rain on the forecast, so i don't anticipate getting poured on like last time. lovely :)

will be back later with photos and's one to hold you over. from baker beach :)

have a good one :)


Anonymous said…
Ok, you are totally making me miss norcal! I used to live in San Ramon and we used to go to San Fran all the time! It is a beautiful place with a very cool vibe! Have a great time!
Je said…
I love your blog (and your work, for that matter) and reading this last post made me totally miss being in San Francisco. Such a cool place.
Becky said…
I LOVE Daiso!
I had no idea there was one in the bay area. Great pic of the bridge makes me want to do a little road trippin' myself!
kokopuffs said…
ooh, you'll have to give me the deets on where this Daiso place is for when I got up next time...

and um, where's the cheesebread? did you go yet??

I told you not to pack too much. SF shopping is deadly!!!
Michelle said…
Love that photo! Have a great time! Can't wait to see more pics soon!
tyreiko said…
Glad you are having a cool time in my neck of the woods! It's a great place to live, but you've prob. gone more places than I have! LOL. Love the photo. PS. There is a new Daiso and a Marukai {joy} coming to Cupertino very soon!
melissa said…
ok your making me oh so jealous ;) sounds like such a blast

LOVE the pic
Pound said…
awesome pic. i just had a visual of whatshername jumping off the bridge in vertigo.
Rita Weiss said…
ahhh....what a shot! caroline, i am coming to palo alto in october.. Maybe we can meet in SF?
uhm, wheres the photo of all the scrappy supplies you bought? thats what i wanna see.

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