hanging by a moment

there was a specific reason why i borrowed that telephoto lens. that reason would be this -

(i uploaded a ton here if you happen to be interested)

oh yes. lifehouse at the ventura county fair.
i don't think words could really explain how awesome they are live. it's just a lot more amazing than a recording. the emotion and passion that they (especially jason) play with is just really awesome to see. love it when jason gets all into it...at the end of the last song, he was on his knees from the emotion. wow.

i'd always liked lifehouse, but i didn't *love* them until i saw them live for the first time back in june. we went to that concert out of teenybopper-ness, but i think i was really converted into a fan upon hearing them live. there's this depth i saw that went beyond what i'd heard before...and although jason wade is definitely easy on the eyes...there was so much more to him.

this concert was even more amazing than last time (that might have something to do with the fact that they weren't the opening band). we got there semi-late...camped out in line for 3 hours...sat in the 5th or 6th row, on the left side of the stage. not bad. i was standing on the chair for about half of the concert because i'm short and i can't see...until security yelled at me to get off. by the encore, i was back on the chair though. i totally lost my voice. my throat still hurts. the atmosphere was awesome. loved every minute of it. i can't pick the highlight of the night, because each song in the set was, in its own way, amazing.

can't wait til next time (LA county fair, here i come).

here are some random fair photos. i didn't really take any, because i really didn't walk around the fair at all.

i really need to sleep now. just wanted to finish up them photos.
have a good one :)



great pics!

who is this music group?

I don't know them.

could you please explain me what music they do?



{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
melissa said…
amazing photos! love the night time ride photos.. sounds like the concert was fab!
Nicole said…
what a cutie patootie he is!! (was he posing for you in that one pic?? he's looking right at YOU!!)

great pics of the fair...=)
Waleska said…
wow!!! caroline, these pics are amazing!!! glad you had fun :)
BlessedDaily! said…
these photos are gorgeous!!!!
Christen said…
Nice photos. OMG he was like, totally looking at your phallic lens!
Vee said…
wow!!! these are amazing girl!!
Rachael said…
Wow, amazing pics of both events!!
nadine said…
he totally made eye contact with you. he wants you.
giuseppina said…
thats so awesome that you came out here to see them! is it wrong that i saw that they were playing in the paper and actually thought of you based on the other post. i just remembered that you really liked them...and i was thinking of going to see them too. hope it was fun!
dude. those photos are AMAZING. he is beautiful.
Kathy said…
Your pictures are AWESOME! I use my telephoto lens all the time! Glad you had a good time!
Pound said…
you so missed getting your boob signed.
Beckalicious said…
He was totally staring right at you in that one pic. AWESOME.
Karalynn Tyler said…
LOVE that band. Have loved them since college when I bought their first album. You got some AMAZING photos! Great stuff!
Linda said…
Oooo...I'm kinda thinking you *need* that lens! You definitely used it like you owned it, girl! :)
stacy said…
Wow! Great pictures! And I think too, he is very easy on the eyes!
sarahb said…
uestion, how do you get telephoto pics that are so crisp, I am haveing such a hard time with this, they ALL come out blurry, what kind of lens is it?!??! Also, did you use a tripod for your night shots, cuz those are great!!!
bruinbr said…
awesome photos! glad you had so much fun!
Michelle said…
Amazing photos as always. LOVE the last two especially.
nichole said…
c, these photos are INCREDIBLE! wozas! i love the telephoto lens..you have mad talent! the carousel & ferris wheel are awesome!! love it!

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{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
Anonymous said…
wow Caroline looked like FUN! =) Adding you to my Blog List. Love your work btw. Take Cares! Rose A.

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