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My roommate and I once: i anticipate that i'll have a roomie starting in january, so i'll get back to you then, mmkay?

Never in my life have I: been to europe.

High school was : actually really fun :)

When I'm nervous : i freak out. and become really quiet. and think too much.

My hair : really, really needs to be cut.

When I was 5 : i used to like to act out cinderella.

When I turn my head left : i see the TV.

I should be : hmm. i dunno.

By this time next year : life should be a whole lot more interesting. and different.

My favorite aunt is : can i just say that i love all of them? because i know my family reads this blog?

I have a hard time understanding : math. and chemistry.

You know I like you if : i chase you around with a camera.

My ideal breakfast is : a mcgriddle. or an omelette. but i usually just have coffee.

If you visit my home town : you'll see lots of crappy drivers.

If you spend the night at my house : my mother will cook for you?

My Favorite blonde is : hm...jason wade is blonde. haha.

My favorite brunette is : josh duhamel. at the moment.

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds : uhhh...?

I shouldn't have been : shopping over the weekend.

Last night I: made plans.

A better name for me would be : i honestly have no idea. ha.

I've been told I look like : someone told me i looked like a combo of lucy liu and renee zellweger. *shrug*

i tag >> linda, melissa, april, and nichole.

anyhow. i scrapped. for fun. :)
and with linda's taglets. which she'll have on etsy. fun stuff :)

(yes, i know i should probably stop with the repeated photos.)


Pound said…
i'm on the list.
like tomorrow. i'm so on it. =P
Alison said…
I love repeated photos too
and what you did with the linda taglets is AWESOME
melissa said…
OMG no joke I use to act out Cinderella when I was younger too! I drove my parents nuts because I would ask them to be the prince and the 'step mom'-lol ;)

Yay I'm tagged!-I will post tomorrow since I just updated.
april said…
no, don't stop with the repeated photos!

I'll have to do the tag tonight. It's off to work I go!
Kate said…
Fun stuff!
Debbi said…
Love your style.
Lana said…
i love the repeated photos - awesome los as always C!
Vee said…
gorgeous layouts!! :)
Cindee said…
Repeated photos are cute, especially when they are good pictures, you can never have enough, imo, lol!!
nadine said…
awesome layouts as always dude.
Ali M said…
Ooh loving the layouts.. your layouts are always so fun and inspiring!
Malin said…
WoW you really do amazing stuff!!!!
Waleska said…
these are so cool! I love the repeated photos! :)
Michelle said…
Love the Vegas layout!
Candice P.J. said…
Great "Indecisive" layout! Totally going to lift that! (repeated photos and all!!!)
nichole said…
aww thanks for tagging me, c!
and please don't stop with multiple photos, i for one..LOVE them!
great to leave them some love on SIS right now! :)
Nicole said…
love your answers, Caroline...seriously, i'm laughing my butt off over here =)

(and as always, i love your layouts as well, lol)
kokopuffs said…
love the layouts, left you some love on SIS already.
giuseppina said…
super cool pages!

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