i'm a nerd.

read this all weekend.

woke up bright and early saturday morning (after going to bed at 3), headed out with amy to buy the book. went to portos for brunch and started reading it while eating (amy laughed at this sight). came home and alternated with scrapping and reading. went to my grandma's, took the book with me, and read. came home and read. and read. and read. until 5 a.m. woke up again, read all afternoon and finished.

it was awesome.

i think i've mentioned in the past (i remember blogging about one of the other books a long time ago) that i think JK rowling is absolutely brilliant. i still think that. she is a true master of storytelling and imagination, and a master of suspense and creating a mood. seriously. how does she produce this stuff?

i'm both relived and sad that it's over.

i don't want to give anything away, so i'll just stop at that. let's just say that linda had several theories which proved to be correct.

speaking of linda, her taglets (see a few posts below) are officially for sale.

speed scrapped doing various CHA in spirit challenges over the weekend. here are a few:

(can you sense the love for white backgrounds?)

there are more if you look in my peas and SIS galleries.

i gazed outside the window this evening and saw this sky, so i ran outside with my camera:

there were lots of distractions on my street. this electric pole seemed to be the best one to silhouette.

have a good one :)


cool art and pics, thanks for sharing
Love the layouts, especially the last one!
nadine said…
i'm totally not into this whole harry potter thing. maybe i'll read them once they are all out and easy to get so i can just do it all at once. ;)
giuseppina said…
the pages are super cool!
and as for harry, i've only read a couple of chapters. i was up until 330 to get that book. but i don't want it to end yet! so i'm taking my time but i'm scared someone is going to ruin it too.
glad to hear it won't disappoint!
Ginny said…
I got my HP book on Saturday but haven't been able to bring myself to read it, lol. I know it will be sad since it is the end. LOL, how much of a nerd am i? Lovely layouts btw :)
Anilu Magloire said…
You rocked those challenges! I have to get my HP book, pronto!
Natalie said…
Those pages are fabulous. And that pic is gorgeous, electric pole and all.
Debbi said…
I love your style
nichole said…
LOVE that photo, caroline!
and the layouts..and can you believe i have never ever even read a word of Harry Potter or seen any of the movies?! glad you liked it tho!
love all thsoe layouts, and i love white space too x
Pound said…
oooh love the new l/o. they are... different from your usual stuff.
is it the white?
anyhoo. i like. =P

and ya ya we may need to discuss hp some more. me and jamie b are stuck one thing...
Rebekah said…
amazing layouts... as always... and off to buy some of those great tags!
Kristi said…
I was a nerd right along with you! read the book, loved it. I too am a mazed at people who can come up with those things! amazing. great layouts, as always!
Nora said…
Awww...you're getting soft on me... hahahha. I appreciate the tribute page.
melissa said…
I agree JK Rowling is an amazing writer-I haven't finished the latest HP trying to take my time that way it wont end too fast KWIM?

any way, awesome layouts!-I'm lovin white backgrounds lately too ;)
Becky said…
Nerd Herd!
So with you on the brilliance of JK!
I bought my book at midnight read until my eyes fell out of my head and then woke up to finish later in the day on Sat. such a nerd but a happy one!
Great layouts and gorgeous pics as usual!
Jen said…
What's your nickname on SIS??
owbert said…
wow, your scrap-booking (proper term?) is amazing. just amazing.
Anniek said…
Read HP too and loved it! Like your pics and layouts. They look really cool.

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