bath rugs and lingerie

one. this is my first entry on my brand spankin' new laptop. thanks to my cousin for building it for me. elaine says i've finally officially joined the 21st century (i'm making progress. ha).

two. i took way too many photos this weekend. which is good because i needed new material to scrap. i'm making my way through said photos.

three. my cousin christine is getting married in september. yesterday was the bridal shower. i *did* finally finish up editing the photos from the event:

one of the shower games..."kiss ryan on the lips." sort of like "pin the XYZ on the groom," but you put on this hooker-like lipstick, got blindfolded and spun around, then proceeded to try to kiss the photo of ryan (my cousin's fiancee) on the lips.

there were several panties hung on a line and she had to guess which bridesmaid brought which one. if she guessed wrong, she had to put it on her head. needless to say, 5 of the 6 ended up on her head...


presents! we were playing bridal bingo...the squares were filled with potetial gifts. we marked them off if she received a gift that was on your card. it became a running joke to call out "is that a bath rug?" whenever lingerie was opened because someone needed it to complete their bingo, but lingerie kept getting openned.

she had to get on a chair to open this one. it was a piece of luggage from one of our aunts.

four. these are of the little kiddos from throughout the day:

he was really determined to put on and walk around his big sister (who is 6, i think)'s crocs. it was adorable.

everyone loves uncle ryan. especially her.

good times were had by all.
i'll post pics from my little cousin's birthday party later this week.

have a good one :)


Laure said…
Excuse my english, but i am a French reader of you. I love your photographies and your scrapbooking pages!


beautiful shots girl!
~Nancy~ said…
Wooww.. love the pics girlie!! They are all awesome!! XOXO
RiNNE said…
Your photography is wonderful! May I ask which camera you used? The shower looked like tons of fun!!
Vee said…
gorgeous photos as always!!
i love that cake :)
Giuseppina said…
super cute pictures!!!
nadine said…
awesome pictures, i love the games you played!
Michelle said…
WOW! LOVE the photos Caroline! Sounds like a very very fun weekend!!
april said…
very hilarious pictures! love them! and i'm throwing a shower for a friend of mine, so I got some good ideas, too!
Pound said…
lmao @ the shower. it looks like jamie's except we had to kiss a full body mike bwahaha.

awesome pics as usual. i need to borrow it. :P
Natalie said…
Cool pics! Looks like the party was a good time.
Christen said…
I am creeped out with the panties on her head picture, haha.
melissa said…
looks like such a fun time!! love the 'kiss ryan on the lips' game idea-too cute :)

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